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The Capsule for you to feel shiny, chic and elegant!

Discover our silk dresses, sets, skirts, tops, kimonos and bikinis for your perfect summer outfits

All hand crafted for timeless elegant feeling. From day to night find your essence

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Necklace - maryjaneresortwearNecklace - maryjaneresortwear
Necklace Precio de oferta$210.00
Silk Lotus Dress - maryjaneresortwearSilk Lotus Dress
Silk Lotus Dress Precio de oferta$360.00
Leather and Silk Belt - maryjaneresortwearLeather and Silk Belt - maryjaneresortwear
Leather and Silk Belt Precio de ofertaDesde $170.00
Silk Mariposa dress - maryjaneresortwearSilk Mariposa dress - maryjaneresortwear
Vestido Mariposa en seda Precio de oferta$470.00
Silk Sissi Set - maryjaneresortwearSilk Sissi Set - maryjaneresortwear
Conjunto Sissi de seda Precio de oferta$490.00
Silk Adele Set - maryjaneresortwearSilk Adele Set - maryjaneresortwear
Silk Adele Set Precio de oferta$510.00