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AVADA - Best Sellers

Discover our silk and natural cotton dresses, sets, skirts, tops, kimonos and bikinis for your perfect summer outfits

All hand crafted for timeless elegant feeling.
From day to night find your goddess essence

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Bikini Top Venere - maryjaneresortwearBikini Top Venere - maryjaneresortwear
Bikini Top Venere Precio de oferta$70.00
Kimono Amalfi - maryjaneresortwearKimono Amalfi - maryjaneresortwear
Kimono Amalfi Precio de oferta$245.00
Silk Positano Kimono - maryjaneresortwearKimono Positano de seda
Kimono Positano de seda Precio de oferta$320.00
Cotton Capri Kimono - maryjaneresortwearCotton Capri Kimono - maryjaneresortwear
Cotton Capri Kimono Precio de oferta$220.00
Silk Isabella Set - maryjaneresortwearSilk Isabella Set - maryjaneresortwear
Silk Isabella Set Precio de oferta$510.00
Silk Audrey Set - maryjaneresortwearSilk Audrey Set - maryjaneresortwear
Silk Audrey Set Precio de oferta$510.00
Silk Mariposa dress - maryjaneresortwearSilk Mariposa dress - maryjaneresortwear
Vestido Mariposa en seda Precio de oferta$470.00
Silk Sissi Set - maryjaneresortwearSilk Sissi Set - maryjaneresortwear
Conjunto Sissi de seda Precio de oferta$490.00
COTTON ALISSA DRESS - maryjaneresortwearCOTTON ALISSA DRESS - maryjaneresortwear
COTTON ALISSA DRESS Precio de oferta$230.00
Bikini Top Margherita - maryjaneresortwearBikini Top Margherita - maryjaneresortwear
Bikini Top Margarita Precio de oferta$70.00
Juliette Kimono Dress - maryjaneresortwearJuliette Kimono Dress - maryjaneresortwear
Juliette Kimono Dress Precio de oferta$220.00
Orchidea Swimsuit - maryjaneresortwearOrchidea Swimsuit - maryjaneresortwear
Traje de Baño Orquídea Precio de oferta$160.00